I was just browsing youtube in my free time and as usual youtube suggested me to look at this anime episode 1 . Seeing i didn’t had anything to do so for time pass. I watched it and quite liked it . This anime is about the aftermath of a World War 3. A bomb was dropped on Tokyo city and as a result, some people gained strange powers like controlling fire or water or speed or strength and stuff like that goes on. These people were given the name Needless but why i didn’t understood . What i liked about this anime is a perfect combination of action and comedy with some stuff ecchi.

You really don’t wanna watch this anime for its story but you will  love combination of action and comedy. It’s about a group of Needless fighting another group which is oppressing them just like evil vs good stuff. Good thing they gave a pretty decent introduction as to what is happening and also gave a satisfying ending to the story which was expected .

Mostly all the characters in Needless had perfect roles in story. I enjoyed every part of it except too much ecchi stuff was put in one episode. It’s just full of comedy. Also whenever a scene got too serious or emotional, something funny was thrown in to lighten up things which is good . Even in last battle, which is supposed to be a very serious, also had comedy scenes around every corner.

If you ask me should you watch it or not i say  you should . Its great combination of action and comedy is what makes this anime awesome.

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