Again usual day in my lazy day while surfing YouTube found one episode of chobits .

The story is simply amazing. It has a bit of everything going from romance to suspense. Although the story is quite slow it doesn’t feel like it. Every episode shows the development of the characters in a serious but also a funny way. The first episodes will give you a big laugh, but the mood swings over to a more romantic side the more it develops.

The fact remains that the evolution of Chii is the most funny thing in the whole show. It’s like she starts off like a 3 year old child knowing hardly anything about the world and needs to learn everything. And without commen sense she does a lot of things a normal person would reconsider. Still can’t understand placement of power button at ahem location poor Hideki had to press it there .

You can’t simply forget Hideki dam this guy has lot of energy. Most funny part is when he think he is speaking to himself and no one is hearing, its actually opposite he is speaking in loud.

Its not awesome but overall great anime in my opinion. I liked it .

Cowboy Bebop

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